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What are the terms?

  • Finished a vocational school (vocational certificate)
  • Finished the secondary education
  • University degree (min. Bc.)
  • Student or graduate (age up to 32 and two years after a graduation)
  • English skill minimally at the communication level (B1/B2)
  • The 2nd language benefit (especially, Russian and Spain)
  • Ideally, some practice skills in the area (not necessary)
  • Real interest in something new to learn and obtain useful and practical skills
  • Interest to support the export of small and medium-sized companies (in case of the internship)
  • Interest to start up the own business (in case of the program "Develop you business on Emerging Markets")

We guarantee the quality of provided service due to a fact that the relations with these companies have been verified.

What do you obtain?

  • Practical experience in the Czech Republic and abroad (always on the emerging markets) confirmed by the EMBS certificate
  • Professional and friendly approach
  • Opportunity to come with new ideas
  • Reference (professionally done work)
  • Independence, ability to work in team; you will find out who you are, improve your strengths
  • New culture and working experience
  • Communication in a foreign language

What shall I do for that?

1)  Fill out the application, attach your CV and send it to us.

2)  If your CV meets our requirements, we will invite you for an interview, where we will discuss your ideas and possibilities.

3)  We will give you a chance to choose from potential internships (in case they are available and will correspondent to the terms and requirements for the intern)

4)  We will together have the first Skype call with the sourced company, where your internship will take place. 

5)  After mutual agreement with the company the signature of our agreement will follow and start your internship. It will be continuously monitored and evaluated at the end of your period of time.