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I. We are a young, dynamic developing non-profit organization cooperating with business incubators. Our organization was established in 2013 with the headquarters in Brno, the Czech Republic.

We focus on supporting small and medium-sized companies including export beginners or already established ones that are interested in developing their business export / import activities towards to emerging markets.

Our aim is the communication with young entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized companies from developing countries searching for the cooperation in the Czech Republic.

II. Our program is to support unemployed people, students and graduates with no or minimal practice from the field of the international trade, finance, management including also other business fields. 

Our aim is to help young, ambition students, graduates in developing their own potential in the means of necessary practice in enterprises and obtaining necessary skills for their future career. We offer an opportunity of further education for unemployed people and graduates with minimal practice to increase their chance to apply themselves on the labor market not only in the field of the international trade.

III. We bring an opportunity to combine traveling, workshops, education and meetings with exceptional and eminent professors, managers, entrepreneurs, politicians and other people who might enrich their culture, knowledge and professional skills.

IV. We bring an opportunity to cooperate, develop and use own potential for young, ambitious and hard-working people by means of practice in enterprises from the field of export, start-up of their own business or realization of a new business idea on emerging markets. 

Our aim is to gain necessary support, contacts, finance and professional advice from mentors suitable for a development of enterprise on emerging markets for young beginning entrepreneurs. 

Triangle cooperation

From our own experience we are aware of a fact that the field of the international trade is a demanding professional discipline and a big challenge for skilled exporters including beginning small and medium-sized companies. Nowadays, we suppose there are required the advanced approaches in a combination with an intensive need to search for new business opportunities also on less considered markets.

Dynamically changing economic situations, globalization and still pending changes on preliminary key markets for export / import have been causing a pressure in the business sphere.

New opportunities for new enterprises of regional type on emerging markets have been creating, where is possible to use practically the knowledge potential of already existing companies which are interested in the export on emerging markets.

We are interested in a group of countries, called emerging markets, where we can see new business opportunities and a potential of development for Czech companies which have the export / import potential for business cooperation on local markets. 

Therefor we come with the Triangle solution of cooperation (Enterprise - NGO - Intern), by which we support export beginners or already established small and medium-sized companies during their business initiation including the period of further export and import activities. The only issue is you to meet, at least, following conditions: you are a small and medium-sized company, export beginner and/or young entrepreneur and you have a desire and courage and you are ready to get your goods and services to emerging markets.

Our aim is to support the small and medium-sized companies, export beginners and entrepreneurs to increase their competitiveness, productivity and increase a business share in the international trade in the other countries than those which seem to be less effective in today’s economic situation.  

Our solution relies on the professional and friendly approach, professionally provided export / import services, sharing our experience from the international trade and taking an advantage of contacts from sourced developing countries, as are currently following markets:

  • Latin America (Peru)
  • Afrika (Angola, Ethiopia and Ghana)
  • Central Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • Russia and Middle Asia (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)

Triangle cooperation mutually combines 4 basic key features:

  • Export / Import management – Export and import advisory using the advanced commercial diplomacy)
  • Business Plan/ Project management
  • Export / Import Internship Program – Involve students to the practical management  of export companies and simultaneously educate new exporters
  • Program: "Start up your own Business on Emerging Markets" (Rozjeď svůj business na nově se rozvíjejích trzích) support young, talented and active entrepreneurs to develop their business activities out of the Czech Republic

Our vision

Our vision is to fulfill the connection of the international advisory and the effective implementation of business opportunities on emerging markets; we want to help with the economy grow of the companies entering these markets on the one site, and to reach the benefit of positive, social and economic impacts in sourced territories, on the other site.

There have been prepared the communication and professional environment for graduates, students and young people where they can obtain necessary practice, career grow and they can also start up their own business.

Create reliable, modern and dynamic developing non-profit organization where the eminent professionals from the international trade, commercial diplomacy and company management feel these activities as their mission

We appreciate 10 values in cooperation with every client, partners and customers in developing countries: 


We stand up for that only the long-term and well established cooperation among your company, our organization and a final customer from developing countries might fulfill our common interest; increase your economic result and ensure the positive social and economic impact for given area in the developing country.


We always discuss what have been agreed in advance; mutually coordinated steps. It is important for us the tasks having a meaning why and for which reason we do them.


Firstly, we prefer listening to who says what in our communication with clients, partners and team members. We try to be as empathetic as much as possible we to put our ego away and focus on what is really essential. We do it with a smile and humor.

Business etiquette

We always try to understand your situation; tactfully and politely propose a solution in respect to emerging territory.  Our responsibility and business etiquette against our clients, partners and also team members is essential for us.


We guarantee 100% confidentiality to all our clients. Any information referring to its character is determined only for our clients and partners. If we do not receive a clear command from you, we will share the common information with nobody.


We put maximal effort as soon as possible; we do know that time is money. During our partly tasks we prefer focusing on the problem solution based on the practical models.

Team work

VWe use our strong synergies where we do appreciate cooperation of all team members. We are able to meet your demanding requirements only because of team coordination. Our professional team is sourced after the careful investigation of everyone from our members. We evaluate not only their professionalism but also personal motivation and personal attitude.


We do not rather establish any personal contacts without basic mutual confidence. It might seem as rigorous approach, indeed, we do appreciate such a business confidence. Only based on the mutual trust, openness, respect and humility we are able to obtain it and respect each other

Personal attidue

We get familiar with your reach business results, we do not persuade you to radical changes in your company at any rate. Our aim is to understand where you need help you to find the way for the development of business opportunities in abroad. We suppose that each company has had the individual need to solve the export business or investment needs.


We do use all our theoretical and practical experience in practice relating to the quality of our provided services in the field of system approach to the project management, planning and coordination of project works, methods of project control, risk management etc.

Our team

Our organization is created by the team of friendly and professional focused people who are connected with the same interest to support the beginners and running entrepreneurs who want to develop their business activities on emerging markets. Each member of our team is an eminent expert in him/her field and he/she is ready to help.  

Based on the preview, individual obtained, practical skills of each of us we have reached to uniform persuasion that in today’s economically unstable period of time it is important to pull together, share our skills and know-how and support all small and medium-sized companies, export beginners and young entrepreneurs interested in the development of their own business activities in emerging territories and bring new opportunities for young people.

Jan Fiala

Jan has 7 years of trading experience in international business from Ireland, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and the UAE, where he participated in the preparation and implementation of the project management and business development of several projects. Among the most important projects include: the admission of significant Czech companies in the field of luxury goods in the Balkans (2008 ), Co-partner in the creation of an official state marketing concept - rebranding and marketing strategies incoming Tourism for the period 2013-2018 (2011 ), Creating a bilateral cooperation program between the Czech Republic and Malaysia (trade and investment project involving food, automotive, aviation, transport, engineering, technology / nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cooperation between universities - 2011). In 2012, with team designed a project alternative social enterprise enabling people from developing countries to be financially secure and educate through a special training program - sent an application to contest Social Impact Award 2012. Jan finished the Metropolitan University Prague , majoring in international business. He specializes in the use of commercial diplomacy in practice. It deals with practical advice for small and medium-sized Czech companies outsourced export management when entering emerging markets.

Olga Girstlova

Olga won the 1985 title Ing. Faculty of Electrical FE VUT Brno, then in 2010 passed the state exam Graduated as doctor in Economics and Management at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. In 1990 she was co-founder and co-owner of the successful telecommunications companies GiTy. In 2008 the company was sold to new owners GiTy. Since 2008 she has been the same in top management positions. In 2007, she founded Flexibuild (new recyclable building materials - Czech patented product for the construction of low-energy and passive buildings). Since 2012, she works as director of external relations at VUVL, joint-stock company. During her career she won many awards: Manager - Entrepreneur of the Year (1995) Crystal Heart for Ethics in Business (1997), Head of entrepreneurs in the world - Monaco (1999), Women of the Year 2005 - Business (2005), Participant of 2 month international program Eisenhower Fellowship in the USA (2007), 10th Place in the " top 25 women of Czech Business " (2008), was elected as a president of the ČMAP - Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs (since 2008).


The gist of privacy of personal data is related to the content of websites. Obviously, we reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove any part of services and business policy. We will always do everything for your welfare. If you access to our websites we obliged not to collect your personal data. We will get only the standard information about visit of our websites, as is, for example, on-line visit rate and a rate of unique visitors. All these data will help us to improve continuously our websites.  

If you cooperate with us as a client, a business partner or a consultant we simultaneously declare to respect and protect the information consisting of your personal data.  The received personal data like name, company name, confidential information received at meetings are only the subject for internal needs. Providing that you decide voluntary to agree with sharing the information to the third party.