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We are able to offer you following based on our skills from the local market, culture, language and experience from the international trade. Our service is splitted into three easy steps:


Based on our knowledge of the local market, culture, language and experience in international trade, we are able to prepare an analysis of the most effective Internet marketing coverage. The analysis will be discussed with the local audience and to ensure compliance with the cultural habits of internet market.


Only on the basis of good design based on a thorough analysis arises built well Internet marketing. Single administrative structure and information architecture will allow the customer to find what they really looking for.


We provide complete implementation of the proposed services. These services include:

Creation of WWW systems

In addition to the implementation of web-based system will ensure the establishment of domains on the local market, SEO, PPC advertising settings, email advertising and sufficient connectivity.

Mobile applications

Expanding popularity of smart phones, allows your range to offer customers even in another interesting way. A well-designed application can multiply your sales

Social networks

Nowadays an integral part of internet marketing, social network. In addition to ads properly communicate with your fans. In addition to monitoring their behavior and the formation of statistical information, we can actively participate through applications using various competitions and promote itself as a company and its product range

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If you are interested in more information, please contact us by e-mail at jan@emb-centre.org to arrange the initial, no-obligation free consultation.