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How do we work?

We provide the beginners or already established entrepreneurs in their further export / import activities together with the partners from emerging markets with support by our individual, friendly and professional approach.  

We use the effective advanced management of commercial diplomacy to improve economic results, to increase export / import and to increase competitiveness.

Our solution relies on the professional and friendly approach, professionally provided export / import services, sharing our experience from the international trade and taking an advantage of contacts from sourced emerging markets, as are currently Angola, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Peru, Russia, Slovakia a Uzbekistan.

This valuable complex method is especially suitable for beginners or already established small and medium-sized companies, who have a smaller budged comparing to large-sized companies, precise limits to access to reliable information and/or there is not efficiently wide partner’s net in abroad.

Because of that, we are able to offer your company prevention and identification within searching for business contacts and their evaluation, preparation to negotiations, negotiate on behalf of your company, introduce you the culture differences and ensure your participation at exhibitions. Furthermore, we provide services related to the export / import as follows: export / import duties and quota, export / import licenses, transport and logistics, travel services, storage, business rooms, transport and insurance, finance, accounting and tax services, translating and interpreting services, legal services, market researches, HR, sales and marketing, enterprise development, start-up services, patent protection, company establishment and information services.

What is the best way to initiate our cooperation?

How much does our service cost?

An initial consultancy is free of charge. A price for our service to support the export in the frame of the commercial diplomacy, business development and export management depends on the competitiveness of your product, a market potential, and risks of entry to a new market and a period of time of our mutual cooperation. The price consists of two items, entry fee and a provision for a successful fulfillment of agreement. 

How to proceed further?

Our approach consists of following steps:

1st. step

  • Fill out and send us a brief e-questionnaire including your enquire and/or need.
  • We familiarize ourselves with your request – We will offer you a solution based on importance and a basic description.
  • If we analyze we are able to help, we will follow to the next step. On another hand, we will inform you about a reason why we are not able to help you.
  • We will make the first appointment to meet / Skype call and identify together your interests and needs.
  • In case of interest, it is possible to sign the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) considering a fact that all discussed information is confidential. 

2nd. step

  • We will come to the next meeting / Skype call with the proposal of solution and will prepare the proposal of trade terms of cooperation for you which we would agree on, afterwards.
  • We will identify currents risks and opportunities, create a working SWOT analyze and make a proposal of an action plan (Business development and tutorial support, Project management, Export management outsourcing service etc.)
  • After the agreement of cooperation conclusion we will introduce the necessary information referring to the entry on the foreign emerging markets, for example general advisory (a basic key to successful enterprise in developing countries, typical mistakes of exporters in sourced markets, principles of bookkeeping and tax system, differences in forms of entry to foreign emerging markets, legal surrounding, customs procedures, licenses and certifications, political, social and intercultural aspects, forms of company establishment, residence permits, visas, room rental etc.)
  • Consequently, we mutually optimize your investment, trade, marketing and/or export business plans and strategies in sourced developing countries.
  • Based on our practical experience we will propose you technical and businesslike modifications of your business plans. Eventually, we will execute together with you the trade, marketing, business and export plans.
  • In case you are would like to submit your project to local and foreign authorities in the frame of an application submitting for developing business activities, we will evaluate your project and recommend the most convenient solution.

3rd. step

  • Realization – based on the agreed timing of the Business plan
  • Continuous evaluation of partial tasks and activities  
  • Final project evaluation

If you are interested in, do not hesitate and contact us at: jan@emb-centre.org

Simple opportunity for small and medium-sized companies 

Nowadays, we do see the biggest issue not only in keeping the competitiveness for small and medium-sized companies but also dealing with the development of cooperation on the emerging markets.  

With new export / import opportunities there have been arising a few questions for many small and medium sized companies, such as:

  • How can I find a valuable partner in given market?
  • What are the barriers to entry the sourced market?
  • I can see language and culture barriers. How can I cope with that?
  • Who are the reliable partners I can contact in the given country?
  • Does it make sense to deal with the export on emerging markets when I am not able to employ new employees?

Based on our own experience from the international trade we consider these facts and we bring a simple and functional solution for companies in form of Education and Working Placement / Internship not only for Czech but also for foreign students from developing countries:

If your company wants to join the Export / Import Internship Program project, just contact us at stated contact jan@emb-centre.org 

The terms and conditions are:

  • Your company has to be in the category of small and medium-sized companies
  • Your professional and friendly approach towards to an intern
  • Your real concern to present characteristic features of your product to the intern, him/her to be able to apply it correctly in the international trade where he/she obtains necessary experience which is advantageous for your and him/her.
  • Pay a lump-sum, registration fee of 10 EUR / 250 CZK (for an individual advice about the most suitable candidate for internship, searching and total organization)

You obtain following:

By sourced nterns you will obtain following, valuable advantages:

  • Possibility to train and educate your future employees
  • Minor costs (a possibility to test your potential employee before paing him/her)
  • Getting familiar and acquiring culture knowledge which are necessary for negotiations in the sourced developing country (in case you are interested in a foreign intern)
  • Key contacts which can help to your future business (export / import)
  • Our guarantee and coordination of the export support on the sourced market
  • Individual approach and advisory from our site for a quality integration of intern into your company
  • Mutual evaluation of the intern job
  • Individual export advisory to the sourced market in the frame of our Triangle cooperation (it works on a composition (Your Company + The Intern + We)