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Welcome to the EMBC - Emerging Markets Business Centre

We support small and medium-sized companies on emerging markets

We focus on small and medium-sized companies, beginners or already established exporters and young entrepreneurs because of a fact that a productivity, innovation and competitiveness of not only Czech companies have significantly been decreasing every year.

There is a feedback from our site to apply your products and services

Based on our experience from international trade and cooperation we do see an opportunity of selling your exported products, services, technologies and know-how on emerging markets, such as Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Peru, Russia and Uzbekistan.

We allow students, unemployed and young people to obtain practice from international trade

Relating to the support of the export / import provided with small and medium-sized companies we help young, active and ambitious students including unemployed graduates without practise from the international trade, enterprise and international relationships to grab a chance to gain experience not only from the Czech exporters / importers but also from various fields on foreign markets.

We move the boarders for young entrepreneurs

We offer a unique opportunity to support young, active and ambitions people with a good idea and a desire to start up their own business in abroad (export / import), particularly on emerging markets. We provide the support of key areas which are: quality mentoring, useful inspiration, necessary skills, efficient support and contacts.

We create international communication platform of cooperation and faith

Our communication platform of cooperation and faith works among students, graduates, young people and small and medium-sized companies (exporters); especially, it covers export / import services provided with small and medium-sized companies, export beginners and young entrepreneurs.

What do we do?

Export / Import

Export / Import

We support already export or import business activities of established small and medium-sized companies, exporters and young entrepreneurs together with their partners on emerging markets. Our solution relies on the professional and friendly approach, professionally provided export and import services, sharing our experience from international trade and taking an advantage of contacts from sourced developing countries in Latin America, Africa, Central Europe and Asia.

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Internships / Education

Internships / Education

We focus on supporting young people who have enough desire and courage and are ready to work intensively on their personal and professional development. We offer internships / practice in the field of international trade, relationships and various business sectors. We prepare young, ambitious people with the desire to develop their own way of enterprise in area of export / import on emerging markets.

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Culture understanding

Culture understanding

We create the international communication platform of friendship, faith and understanding among students, graduates and young people. The created platform covers provided services in the field of export / import of small and medium-sized companies, export beginners and young entrepreneurs including the support of unemployed students, graduates.

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