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We make a use of strong partners willing to help with following matters:

Legal area

  • Commercial law – the establishment of a company, records to the registry, ensure a license, changes in the amount of capital, a restructure and liquidation of the company, shares and option programs, the establishment of joint venture, the presentation of position and arguments of counter partners
  • Antitrust regulation – running of finance assets operations in respect of the requirements of the antitrust law, the protection being recorded on the list of non-reliable suppliers, pursuits with antitrust authorities – promote in proceeding  
  • Insolvency – the companies acquisition and assets in the insolvency  proceeding, the purchase and sales of debtor’s demands in insolvency proceeding  
  • Real estates and constructing – the investigation of legal status of real estate, a structure of real estates’ project including tax area, ensure the investment to the brownfield projects, represent you at an arbitration and legal proceeding  
  • Labor law – the labor regulations, the contracts preparation, the solution of a case of law order, the preparation of notices, the union contracts, the negotiations with trade unions
  • Damage compensation – the analysis of documentation and the proposal of effective solution, the negotiations with counter-party, the out-of-court settlement, the representation at a court
  • Debt recovery – the analysis of documentation, the debt monitoring, the execution of the proposal for payment order, the out-of-court settlement, the representation at a court, the proposal of execution proceeding and its monitoring  
  • Corporation agenda – the problem analysis, the proposal of solution, the inspection of current contracts, the proceeding of changes in the company management, the increase of basic capital, the transfer of business shares, the company transitions, help with demand compensation
  • Copyright – trade marks 

Bookkeeping and taxes

  • Bookkeeping agenda – the invoices and demands evidence, the ensuring of invoices, the agenda of tangible and intangible property, the demands tracking, the execution of financial reporting including income-tax return  
  • Tax service – the VAT registration and its evidence, the execution of an income-tax return in accordance with the sourced market
  • Finance advisory – the bookkeeping merge based on mother company, the analysis of initial and operational risks, the creation of assumed break-even point, the collocation of economic profit and lost report and balance, the cash flow tracking, the inspection and preparation of contracts, the execution of bank report, the representation at the negations with authorities, the opening the bank account 

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