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Our service is cost-effective and makes sense for all small and medium-sized companies which do not have their own export department and/or do not use their full capacity. We work as the export department of a few noncompetitive exporters. We create and evaluate your export plans. We travel abroad on behalf of yourself and negotiate with foreign consumers based on your delegation; we represent you at the fairs where we conduct business meetings on which we prepare you via the intercultural training. We arrange the business communication for you in foreign language. After some period of time, we are going to establish a company for you, open a bank account, solve the legal and tax issues, create and update the websites in respect to the local market, we solve the question of your promotion and sales, we support your strategic development in respect of your product / service characteristic features in combination with the sourced market. We always modify the scope of services based on your real needs – you pay what you get.  

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If you are interested in more information, please contact us by e-mail at jan@emb-centre.org to arrange the initial, no-obligation free consultation.